Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The Power of the Pen and the Key to My Career Advancement

Growing up as a young girl my dream was to become a pediatrician. I was the youngest of eight children in Jamaica West Indies. I migrated to United States in 1981 where I earned a certificate in Business Administration so that I may work in an office. One year later I felt the need to change my career which prompt me to study electrocardiogram and phlebotomy so that I could seek employment in an hospital setting. Shortly after receiving my certtificate I became employed with a well known laboratory.
I was still not comfortable with my career so I decided to continued my job search which lead me to apply for employment at various homecare agencies.

I eventually became employed by a well known certified homecare agency. From there I became facinated with the services that were provided for senior. I have since then working for homecare agencies for more that 10 years. Nine months ago I sat down at my computer browsing through hospitals career opportunities, after reviewing several positions that were of interest to me I could not apply without a degree in health information. There after I began to browes different colleges that offered online classes. I have had 5 phone interviews with several admission advisors but ended up choosing Kaplan University.

It is now nine months later since I made that decision. Education and competence will get you ahead further. From past experience I will admit that most times we must be willing and able to make changes sometimes to get ahead. I currently hold a position as medical Practice coordinator for one job and unit clerk for the other. When I have completed my two years at Kaplan I Look forward to becoming a health information manager a postion that will definately enhance my career.

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