Monday, August 30, 2010

Working out at Zumba dance classes

Hi everyone,
I have recently joined Zumba. I attend classes on Thursday evenings for 1 hour. Zumba has became very popular through out New York City. When I visit I see they are every where. The classes are so much fun you dance to a mixture of pop, R&b, Reggae,salsa and everything else. The instructors are fantastic each week. The classes that I've attended is made up of all age group from pre teens to middle age women. We have 1 hour of none stop fun dancing mixed with aerobic. When I leave the classes and walk home I feel so energized and refresh.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

How has school unfluenced my life

Hello everyone,
When I decided to go back to school in my mid 40's it was a decision I made because I felt the need to do so. I am a mother of 2 daughters who has worked 2 jobs for over 10 years to make sure my daughters got the educaton they needed to succeed in life. Going back to school has change my life over the past 8 months. Every day I learn so much from both my classmates and profesor. I have always loved working in the healthcare field
especially that there is so much to learn everyday.
During my work hours I have often applied my experience from school. I am now able to have conversations regarding many areas of the healthcare industry. I am able to understand the healthcare language at a better angle. I plan to take my degree to very high level mainly consulting with long termagencies and hospitals.

Everyday I get up I thank god for allowing me to make this decision. I get lots of support ang encouragements from friends and family which gives me the strength to continue to succeed with my education. I wish everyone good luck with their continued studies at Kaplan.


Saturday, August 21, 2010

Electronic medical record

Hello Everyone,
As I may have mentioned before I work per diem in a hospital. As of today they are gone completely electronic. It has taken over 3 months to set up and install the entire system. I find it to be a very useful tool just having every thing @ a click of a mouse. As a unit clerk in medsurg there are constanly orders being written by the physicians which I now have to watch for new oder link. This hospital has many, many staff members there for more than 30 years who are not computer savy, so it is a bit challenging for them. I notice that some of the doctors ae not very happy with entering their orders into the computer. Years ago they would all complain that our hospital is the only one that is not on computer. The nurses do not like it. They said it is a cheap system and you get what you pay for, simply becuase they have too many steps to follow just for one patient. I believe as soon as they become comfortable with the system they will do just fine.

Monday, August 16, 2010


I must say I am a perfectionist oabout punctuality. As for the work place Chances are there haven’t been grave consequences for you being late. You may get dirty looks from co-workers or the occasionally gruff reminder from the boss, but if your job were really in jeopardy you’d change your behavior quick, wouldn’t you? So here’s the deal: your job really does ride on your ability to be on time. Late-comers are seen as irresponsible, unreliable, and uncaring. This doesn’t bode well if your goal is promotion, lucrative accounts, or fabulous references. You owe it to yourself to make sure you’re on time. Remembering this when you get up each morning may be the motivation you need to time-manage.


what's it all about Althea: Late Late Late

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Final project

Hi everyone,
It is becomming very stressful with my project. I am trying to get my first draft together so that I am not too overwhelm by the time it is due. It seems like we have a lot of time, but it is only 2 weeks. Between posing discussions and writing your blog it becomes a little stressful.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Returning to work from vacation

On July 30 I left my office for 10 days vacation. Before I left I took care of almost everything on my desk so that my manager would have a smooth week . I work in a large nursing and rehab home care agency with a census of over 4oo patients. I consider my job to be very stressful dealing with patients, families, physicians,nurses social workers and physical therapist.
Before I left my voice mail was changed to my temporary greeting which stated that I am away from the office and there should be no messages left, outside callers should press 0&# for immediate assistance.
I returned from vacation to 36 messages, unfortunately no one bothered to listened to the message, or my boss also forgot to forward my extension to her line.
My desk was like I never left the amount of work I returned to. I asked for a report as to where do I start? I was told "I am sorry but the last few days was absolutely crazy and there were meetings every day. Is that the kind of excuse anyone expect to get from a manager? I sat down and slowly went through my desk, put everything in order and took my own sweet time. In spite of everything I had a wonderful vacation.