Thursday, September 23, 2010

I Am Finally There

Over the past week I have took many of deep breaths. After I recieved my post draft I realized that I was on the right track. Like everyone else I was a nevrous wreck just putting together all the informations I needed. By the time I got to week 6 I took a step back and went over my notes from my very first term Academics Of Health Information where I also did time management. I was able to calm myself and organized my thoughts.
Two days ago I asked myself which class did I gained more from? Comp 1 or Comp11? I honestly learned alot from both. In my opinion both professors were thorough in letting the class know their expectations. I am not the greatest essay writer, but I know within myself that I worked very hard on getting my essay done. I am not the least worried about the grade I will get. I have always kept a positive attitude on how I will succeeed in this class. It was a rewarding experience to have worked with all my class mates. I learned a lot from all the discussions posted every day. I also enjoyed the humor most of them shared. I am so looking forward to being in another class with you all. At this time it is my pleasure to wish you all the best of luck on your final and in your future studies at Kaplan.

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  1. Hi Rosemarie - I so appreciate your positive attitude - I'm looking forward to reading your paper.