Thursday, September 2, 2010

How I have dealt with the past 6 weeks

The past six weeks have been very hectic for me. As a busy mom holding 2 jobs and going to school it has become very overwhelming.I am so serious about my studies that I will sacrifice what ever it takes to make sure I continue to maintain good grades. School for me in my middle 40's is very exciting.
Juggling the demands of motherhood and the demands of schoolwork can be
challenging, but quite worth the effort in the long-run. The benefits of a college degree are enormous. When I first began I was use to feel to guilty to ask for help from my friends,but I realized that I should feel proud that guilty.

I am enjoying every moment that I am in school. I am very proud of myself that I took this step. I have not only put a side a lot of things just to make sure that I prioritize my classses each week. I try to read as much as I can for both classes. It is sometimes hard just getting in from work preparing dinner for my 12 year old,getting myself ready for seminar,or getting out the door to go to my Zumba dance classes. From previou classes
I have learned the skill time-management, how to Budget my time for chores, shopping, quality time with my daughters, and schoolwork is utterly important. I ae learned not to leave schoolwork to the last minute, as this will lead to tremendous stress and perhaps less efforts on my assignments. I thank gor everyday for allowing me to do the best that I can.


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