Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The Power of the Pen and the Key to My Career Advancement

Growing up as a young girl my dream was to become a pediatrician. I was the youngest of eight children in Jamaica West Indies. I migrated to United States in 1981 where I earned a certificate in Business Administration so that I may work in an office. One year later I felt the need to change my career which prompt me to study electrocardiogram and phlebotomy so that I could seek employment in an hospital setting. Shortly after receiving my certtificate I became employed with a well known laboratory.
I was still not comfortable with my career so I decided to continued my job search which lead me to apply for employment at various homecare agencies.

I eventually became employed by a well known certified homecare agency. From there I became facinated with the services that were provided for senior. I have since then working for homecare agencies for more that 10 years. Nine months ago I sat down at my computer browsing through hospitals career opportunities, after reviewing several positions that were of interest to me I could not apply without a degree in health information. There after I began to browes different colleges that offered online classes. I have had 5 phone interviews with several admission advisors but ended up choosing Kaplan University.

It is now nine months later since I made that decision. Education and competence will get you ahead further. From past experience I will admit that most times we must be willing and able to make changes sometimes to get ahead. I currently hold a position as medical Practice coordinator for one job and unit clerk for the other. When I have completed my two years at Kaplan I Look forward to becoming a health information manager a postion that will definately enhance my career.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

I Am Finally There

Over the past week I have took many of deep breaths. After I recieved my post draft I realized that I was on the right track. Like everyone else I was a nevrous wreck just putting together all the informations I needed. By the time I got to week 6 I took a step back and went over my notes from my very first term Academics Of Health Information where I also did time management. I was able to calm myself and organized my thoughts.
Two days ago I asked myself which class did I gained more from? Comp 1 or Comp11? I honestly learned alot from both. In my opinion both professors were thorough in letting the class know their expectations. I am not the greatest essay writer, but I know within myself that I worked very hard on getting my essay done. I am not the least worried about the grade I will get. I have always kept a positive attitude on how I will succeeed in this class. It was a rewarding experience to have worked with all my class mates. I learned a lot from all the discussions posted every day. I also enjoyed the humor most of them shared. I am so looking forward to being in another class with you all. At this time it is my pleasure to wish you all the best of luck on your final and in your future studies at Kaplan.

Thursday, September 16, 2010


In the beginning I felt a bit overwhelmed.As the weeks went by I payed more attention to materials covered in class. I strongly believe my professor expect my thinking to be on an equally high level. However, I applied an organized writing process to my paper.
As I attended weekly seminars I took as many notes as I could. Over the past weeks it took me sometime to comprehend what it really meant to build an argument for my paper. Then came citations, I did an excellent job in comp 1 and have every intention to do the same in comp 11. I will admitt there were a few stumbles along the way, but I some how got over it.
After submitting my first draft and going over the few corrections It was another learning process for me. I was very proud of my self that I had very simple corrections both from my professor and the KUWC.
As I add the finishing touch to my draft to complete my final I am quite confident that I will have a brilliant paper to submitt. I am certainly looking forward to a break after this term. It was a pleasure to have been in this class with my fellow class mates.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Summer is almost over and the kids are back in school

It is a great feeling to see kids go back to school. My 12 year old daughter attends Charter school whih is kind of a private setting but is considered public school. All charter school kids must wear uniform which makes them look so articulate. It was a pleasure to attend orientation for 7th graders where parents had the opportunity to meet all the teachers. School shopping was quite expensive this year. The cost of everything has risen so high. After comming home with the supplies my daughter must organize her binder with sections for each class. Charter school students does not use text books therefore they don't have to worry about that very heavy book bag. The kids are taught by extreemly qualified teachers all around the world and has given the opportunity by the Board Of Education to have their own ciriculum. I cannot even begin to imagine how hard it must be for parents trying to make ends meet. I take my hat off to all those parents who holds the forth down. Making sure your kids go to school and get a good education is a tremendous job.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

How I have dealt with the past 6 weeks

The past six weeks have been very hectic for me. As a busy mom holding 2 jobs and going to school it has become very overwhelming.I am so serious about my studies that I will sacrifice what ever it takes to make sure I continue to maintain good grades. School for me in my middle 40's is very exciting.
Juggling the demands of motherhood and the demands of schoolwork can be
challenging, but quite worth the effort in the long-run. The benefits of a college degree are enormous. When I first began I was use to feel to guilty to ask for help from my friends,but I realized that I should feel proud that guilty.

I am enjoying every moment that I am in school. I am very proud of myself that I took this step. I have not only put a side a lot of things just to make sure that I prioritize my classses each week. I try to read as much as I can for both classes. It is sometimes hard just getting in from work preparing dinner for my 12 year old,getting myself ready for seminar,or getting out the door to go to my Zumba dance classes. From previou classes
I have learned the skill time-management, how to Budget my time for chores, shopping, quality time with my daughters, and schoolwork is utterly important. I ae learned not to leave schoolwork to the last minute, as this will lead to tremendous stress and perhaps less efforts on my assignments. I thank gor everyday for allowing me to do the best that I can.


Monday, August 30, 2010

Working out at Zumba dance classes

Hi everyone,
I have recently joined Zumba. I attend classes on Thursday evenings for 1 hour. Zumba has became very popular through out New York City. When I visit Zumba.com I see they are every where. The classes are so much fun you dance to a mixture of pop, R&b, Reggae,salsa and everything else. The instructors are fantastic each week. The classes that I've attended is made up of all age group from pre teens to middle age women. We have 1 hour of none stop fun dancing mixed with aerobic. When I leave the classes and walk home I feel so energized and refresh.