Friday, August 13, 2010

Returning to work from vacation

On July 30 I left my office for 10 days vacation. Before I left I took care of almost everything on my desk so that my manager would have a smooth week . I work in a large nursing and rehab home care agency with a census of over 4oo patients. I consider my job to be very stressful dealing with patients, families, physicians,nurses social workers and physical therapist.
Before I left my voice mail was changed to my temporary greeting which stated that I am away from the office and there should be no messages left, outside callers should press 0&# for immediate assistance.
I returned from vacation to 36 messages, unfortunately no one bothered to listened to the message, or my boss also forgot to forward my extension to her line.
My desk was like I never left the amount of work I returned to. I asked for a report as to where do I start? I was told "I am sorry but the last few days was absolutely crazy and there were meetings every day. Is that the kind of excuse anyone expect to get from a manager? I sat down and slowly went through my desk, put everything in order and took my own sweet time. In spite of everything I had a wonderful vacation.


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  1. That is no fun to return from vacation, still full of the "vacation high", and have to deal with that. I remember doing that in the Ortho Clinic I worked in. I would try to have the surgery schedule in close to perfect condition. By the time I returned a week or so later, there were papers jammed in the folder and a bunch of different people had tried to schedule surgeries (and trust me, they had no idea how to). I can't begin to imagine working with such a high patient census. But the job you do is so important. Without people like you, my grandma would never had rehabbed (sp) as well as she did after hip and knee surgeries!