Saturday, August 21, 2010

Electronic medical record

Hello Everyone,
As I may have mentioned before I work per diem in a hospital. As of today they are gone completely electronic. It has taken over 3 months to set up and install the entire system. I find it to be a very useful tool just having every thing @ a click of a mouse. As a unit clerk in medsurg there are constanly orders being written by the physicians which I now have to watch for new oder link. This hospital has many, many staff members there for more than 30 years who are not computer savy, so it is a bit challenging for them. I notice that some of the doctors ae not very happy with entering their orders into the computer. Years ago they would all complain that our hospital is the only one that is not on computer. The nurses do not like it. They said it is a cheap system and you get what you pay for, simply becuase they have too many steps to follow just for one patient. I believe as soon as they become comfortable with the system they will do just fine.

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